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Internet Articles - UNSUNG HEROES

Founders, friends, mentors, teachers (21 articles)

178 “Starting a Gratitude Practice”

#158 “Counter-intuitive Methods for Social Invention”


#83 “Our Renewable Future” (review of Richard Heinberg & David Fridley), 160630 (BW, ch. 35)


#82 “The Power of Compassion” (JFK, Trudeau, Gift of Darkness, Arendt, Krsnaric) (BW, ch. 9)


#80 “Keeping Busy?” (on Barbara Cecil), HP,150929


#79 “On the Ground in Russia” (incrporatikng a report by Sharon  Tennison), HP, 150728

#75 “Taking PTSD Serious (on the work of Michael Mithoefer and others)


#72 A Different Kind of Hot (Stuart Sovatsky and the brahmacharya path to spiritual intimacy)

#56 “What’s Your Story?” (about “The Hearth,” a story-telling series founded by Mark Yaconelli


#54 “Monro’s Damage Control” (review of biography subtitled Uncommon Educator, about John U. Monro)

#52 “Abundance Giving” (founded by Jeff Golden)

#48 “When the People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow” (Sharon Tennison and citizen diplomacy, in form of a review of The Power of Impossible Ideas)


#44 “Space Wealth” (William Crandall and asteroid mining)

​#41 “The Making of a Teacher” (a review of Keith Martin-Smith’s biography of Zen Master JunPo Denis Kelly Roshi)

#38 “A Feminist Treasure” (on Julienna Travers’ unpublished book, “The Serpent & the Storm God”)


#28 “Welcoming Warriors Home: The Film” (directed by Kim Shelton, produced by Bill McMillan, a film of a community ritual


#26 “World on the Edge” (a review of Lester R. Brown’s book with this title)

on the page called “media/books”


#24 "Inner Greening" (a review of Carolyn Baker, Navigating the Coming Chaos)

on the page called “living”


#22 "Remembering a Buddhist Psychotherapy Pioneer" (on Ron Kurtz, founder of Hakomi therapy)

on the page called “religion”


#19 “The Transition Town Movement’s Initial Genius” (on Rob Hopkins’ idea)


#14 “Out of Almost Everywhere?” (a review of anti-empire writers associated with Tom Engelhardt and his website,

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