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The following articles by Craig K. Comstock were published first by Huffington Post (or in a few cases, by Alternet or by OpEdNews), and are arranged below, in reverse chronological order, in each of the following categories:


• climate change (16)

• domestic politics (20)

• ecology & energy (10)

• foreign affairs (14)

• mindful molecules (10)

• reviews of literature, media & visual art (8)

• unsung heroes (19)

• year abroad (7)

• others (10

a total of 107 articles

(some of which appear in more than one category),

of which non-fiction book reviews (23)

Some of these articles have subsequently appeared on Alternet, Amazon, Caixan (Chinese), Common Dreams, Countercurrents, Energy Bulletin (which became Resilience), History News Network, MAPS, National Public Radio, Op Ed News, Speaking Truth to Power, Times of India, Treehugger, and the Wall Street Journal website, plus the sites of Academia, the Buddhist Channel, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Hoffman Institute, the Mankind Project, and other organizations.

A Basket of Scenes from a Life 

A series of brief articles based on many amazing and remarkable people whom I’ve met over the years. The collection is published almost entirely on Huffington Post and can be found online here: 

These articles are a companion to my recently published book Better Ways to Live. I don’t plan to print this collection, so offer the articles here for your enjoyment. 

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