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(25 articles drawn from the other categories)

#164 “How to Be in the Time of Kali” (on Savage Grace, by Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker)


#112 “A Necessary Conversation” (on climate change; a review of Dean Spillaine Walker’s book), HP, published on June 6, 2017

#94 “Forget Happiness, Let Joy Find You,” HP, 161107


#86 “From Grief to Joy” (grief-work described by Francis Weller), 160203


#83 “Our Renewable Future” (book by Richard Heinberg & David Fridley), 160630

#82 “Keeping Busy?” (on Coming Into Your Own, a book about life transitions, by Barbara Cecil)


#72 A Different Kind of Hot (Stuart Sovatsky and the brahmacharya path to spiritual intimacy)


#68 “Mindful Molecules” (a review of Manifesting Mind, edited by Rick Doblin and Brad Burge)


#67 “Transform While There’s Still Time” (a review of Collapsing Consciously by Carolyn Baker)


#61 “The Whoosh of Flamethrowers” (a review of Rachel Kushner’s novel)

#59 “Chilling Out Globally” (on geo-engineering; in part a review of Clive Hamilton, Earthmasters)


#58 “Psychedelics for What?” (limits of the medical model; a review of Thomas Roberts)


#54 “Monro’s Damage Control” (a review of biography subtitled Uncommon Educator, about John U. Monro)

pn page called “Books”


#48 “When the People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow” (Sharon Tennison and citizen diplomacy, in the form of a review of The Power of Impossible Ideas)

on the page called “Books”


#43 “A Way of Talking about Energy” (a review of Before the Lights Go Out)

on the page called “green”


#39 “Guided Psychedelic Sessions” (a review of Jim Fadiman, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide)

on the page called “books”


#38 “A Feminist Treasure” (on Julienna Travers’ unpublished book, “the serpent & the storm god”)

on the page called “women”


#37 “Reinventing Fire: A Vision for Our Energy Future”(a review of the book by Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute)

on the page called “green”


#36 “The Quest for Connection” (a review of Daniel Yergin, The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World)

on the page called :”green”


#31 “How Change Happened” (a review of Adam Hochschild, To End All Wars)

on the page called “media/books”


#30 “Tough” (a review of Frederick Kempe, Berlin, 1961)

on the page called “world”


#26 “World on the Edge” (a review of Lester R. Brown’s book with this title)

on the page called “media/books”


#17 “A Buddhist Vision of Life Beyond Consumerism” (with reference to Stephen Batchelor)

on the page called “religion”


#16 “When the Market Fails” (with reference to Robert L. Hirsch, The Impending World Energy Mess)

on the page called “green”


#06 geoengineering (a review of Eli Kintisch, Hack the Planet) (see also #59)

on the page called “media/books”


#05 the global crisis (a review of Bill McKibben, Eaarth) (see also category called “climate change”)

on the page called “media/books”


#01 “Questions Coming Back to Life” (a review of books about the Sixties) (see also category called “mindful molecules”)

on the page called “media/books”

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