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Internet Articles - REVIEWS of ART, LITERATURE & MEDIA


(10 articles)

#200 “Neglected Art”


#172 “Importing That Shimmer” (the art of Shoshanah Dubiner)


#98 Discovering In Parenthesis (British poet & painter David Jones)


#97 “She Would Have Fallen” (story told in Venice by Peggy Guggenheim), HP, 161219

#71 “Living Dangerously” (the Showtime TV series on climate change)

primarily listed under “climate change”


#64 “The Liberal Media” (on the role played by professional comedians)


#61 “The Whoosh of Flamethrowers” (a review of Rachel Kushner’s novel)


#33 “A Life Told in Paint” (the Charlotte Salomon exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco)

on the page called “style/arts”


#25 "The Art of Making Science Dance" (a portfolio of photos, on the relationship between art and science)

on the page called “style/arts”


#20 "Eat on the Street" (a review of Dave Thomas, Thai Street Food)

on the page called “food”

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