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"Like Wow" episodes - integrated list

“Active Retirement” with John Fisher-Smith on 131005

“Ashland Arts Center” with Denise Baxter on 140802

“Ashland Daily Tidings” with Bert Etling (editor)

“Baby Bonding for Dads” with James di Properzio (author of a book  with same name)

“Boys to Men” with Pete Young and Devon Lancaster on 150314

A Celebration of the Big Island (of Hawaii)

“Citizen Diplomacy” with SharonTennison on 130423 (author of The Power of Impossible Ideas)

“Eco-Philosophy” with Nancy Shea on 150509 (manager of “The Farm” at Southern Oregon University)

“An Elder” with Dot Fisher-Smith (artist, political activist)

“Honoring Missed Motherhood” with Kani Comstock on 130427 (author of a book with same name)(

“Human Rights in  Honduras” with Lucy Edwards and Dennis Remick on 131005

“Initiation  and Story-telling” with Elias Alexander

“Into the Wild” with Anne Stine on 150214 (leader of vision quests)

“Jumping Ahead” with Zoe Alowan and Hohn Michael Greer (futurists)

“A Life in the Air” (hot-air ballooning) with Bruce Comstock (author of a book of same title)

“Life-long Learning” with Ann e Belegia on 131123 (volunteer at OLLI,  sponsor of courses for elders)

“Living in Beijing” with Ed Winckler on 140108

 “Lord of the Dance” with Rick Kohn’s film (about a Tibetan ritual)

“Loss, Choice and Creativity” with Kani Comstock on 140128 (about “missed motherhood”)

“Making It Visible” with Dennis Remick on 150214 (a documentary film-maker)

“The Mankind Project” with Bill Kauth (co-founder)

“Matter Gone Wild” with paintings by Shoshanah Dubiner

“Mediation Works” with Ginger Rilling

“Mentoring Boys” with Pete Young and Keb Bales (the former being founder and director; the latter, a boy in the program)

“Mentoring in the Rose Circle” with Leslie Lanes (founder and director)

“New Tribe” with Zoe Alowan and Bill Kauth on 140426 (leaders of a movement)

“Nutrition” with Ross Pelton (pharmacist)

“Occupy” with Wendell Fitzgerald and Evan Lasley (aftermath of “Occupy Wall Street”)

“Oregon Images” with Davis Lorenz Winston on 150117 (photographer)

“Passion at the Root” with Stu Sovatsky (yogi)

”Peace House” with Herb Rothschild on 131123 (director)

“A Photographer’s Eye”, with David Lorenz Winston

“Psychedelic Science” with Rick Doblin  and Bob Jesse (speakers at a conference)

“Red Shoes” with Elaine Werich and Shoshanah Dubiner on 150314

“Restorative Justice” with Alan Gale and Cara Walsh (volunteer in and erector of a program)

“Sexual Healing” with Charles Muir and Leah Alchin

“Social Inventions” with Zoe Alowan and Bill Kauth on 141213 (examples from Ashland)

 “Somatic Experiencing” with Monty Walters on 150509

“Southern Oregon-China Connection” with Irene Kai and David Wick (sponsors of an exchange program)

“Surviving a Prison Camp” with Rupert Wilkinson (#68) (in Manila, during World War Two)

“Tell Me a Story” with John Fisher-Smith and two of the Hamizons

“Trans-partisanship” with Hoseph McCormick

“Visionaries” with William BC Crandall and Pepper Trail

“Warning” with Jim McGinnis on 141213 (about global warming)

“Welcome Home: with Bill McMillan (about a movie about veterans, a movie produced by him and directed by his wife Kim Shelton)

“Winning at Aging” with John Kalb (author of a book with same name)

 “Winter/Spring” with Julie Lockhart on 150117 (about grief-work)

“Working with a Spiritual Teacher” with John Kain

“Women in the Global Community” with Louise Pare

 “Young Local Farmers” with Christopher Jagger (a young local farmer)

“Your Baby, Your Way” with Jennifer Margulis on 140906 (author of a book with same title)

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