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Internet Articles - OTHERS

(17 articles)

#183 " Troubled Water"

#181 “Are People Even More Astonishing Than We’ve Thought?”

#153 “Crazy Enough to be Correct” (conjectures)

#152 “Outside the Box”

#147 “Free Caribbean Cruise” (satire on telephone solicitations)

#145 “What Could Help in Tough Times?” (new tribes, heart circles)


#111“When He Or She Can Enjoy It,” HP, 170528

#96 “The Gift of Empathy,” HP, 1611XX


#94 “Forget Happiness, Let Joy Find You,” HP, 161107


#86 “From Grief to Joy” (grief work, as described by Francis Weller), 160803

#82 “The Power of Compassion” (JFK, Trudeau, Gift of Darkness, Arendt, Krsnaric)

#66 “The Freedom of Simple Living”


#65 “The Miracle of Seeds” (reporting the plight of a permaculture institute threatened by herbicide spraying)


#40 “Strong Sustainability” (largely on scenario planning done in New Zealand)

on the page called “green”


#32 “The Nutritional Cost of Birth Control Pills” (based on TV interview with nutritionist Ross Pelton)

on the page called “healthy living” (see author’s comments)


#21 "Will Our Species Survive Another Century?"

(a thought-experiment)

on the page called “living”


#11 “Are We Happy Yet?”

on the page called “living”

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