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Internet Articles - ECOLOGY & ENERGY

(10 articles)

#83 “Our Renewable Future” (review of Richard Heinberg & David Fridley), 160630

#43 “A Way of Talking about Energy” (a review of Before the Lights Go Out)


#42 “Lack of System Thinking” (critique of a New York Times article on “energy independence”)

on the page called “green”


#37 “Reinventing Fire: A Vision for Our Energy Future” (a review of the book by Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute)

on the page called “green”


#36 “The Quest for Connection” (a review of Daniel Yergin, The Quest:: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World)

on the page called :”green”


#29 “Where Elites Fail” (a report on Richard Heinberg’s commencement talk at Worcester Poly)

on the page called “college”


#18 “Green Coal” (on James Fallows’ Atlantic article, “The Future of Clean Energy is Dirty Coal”)

on the page called “green”


#16 “When the Market Fails” (with reference to Robert L. Hirsch, The Impending World Energy Mess)

on the page called “green”


#08 “The Other Half of the Geyser” (methane)

on the page called “green”


#07  the U.S. campaign to use 10 percent less gas

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