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Advance comment on Enlarging Our Comfort Zones:

Through personal accounts of challenging assumptions and widening experience, Comstock becomes a modern-day incarnation of Buddhism's "beginner's mind." By “stepping off the edge” himself, he encourages the reader to do the same. An elegantly penned invitation to openness and humility.   

~ Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D., author of Off the Map and My Name
is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization

Better Ways to Live

Everybody knows what a physical invention is, but what is a social invention? On the community level, it can be as simple as a storytelling evening or an “abundance swap,” both among the many examples described in Better Ways to Live. 

Enlarging Our Comfort Zones 
is the story of ten years of a challenging, surprising, and deeply satisfying career that gave the author the repeated opportunity to create an expanded comfort zone. It starts with a life falling apart around the age of 40, and describes the happy discoveries this allowed.

Gift of Darkness tells the story of a boy who, like Anne Frank, lived in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. Unlike Anne, he was not taken into early hiding, but was able to move around the city, even to help serve its Jewish community, and observe first-hand the ominous things that were happening.

"In dark times in this country, it's good to be reminded of just how many people are trying to do decent and useful things. A small fraction of those folks come to life in these pages, and they will hearten you!"

                    – Bill McKibbon, founder of, author of Oil and Honey

A Basket of Scenes from a Life 

A series of brief articles based on many amazing and remarkable people whom I’ve met over the years. The collection is published almost entirely on Huffington Post and can be found online: click here


These articles are a companion to my recently published book Enlarging Our Comfort Zones. 
I don’t plan to print this collection, so offer the articles here for your enjoyment. 

A Hotbed of Social Invention

Interview with Craig K. Comstock in Ashland Daily Tidings, 2/13/2117

by John Darling


Ashland has an abundance of “social inventors” — people who see a need in the community and are able to rally others to take part in it, all to make life better, more fun and more hopeful.

In a new book called Better Ways to Live, Ashlander Craig K. Comstock profiles a raft of social inventions, many which influence the Ashland community...  MORE

Excerpts from Craig's books and a collection of articles  published over the years on subjects in which he's especially interested

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